Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nacho Mama's

            Last night was a typical Wednesday night for me, which means ultimate frisbee and Nacho Mama's. Brrr... I actually wore long pants and long sleeves for the whole game of ultimate, which is rare for me, but I was just too cold, every breathe of air was like an icy painful blast to my lungs! We played for a solid two hours and I'm thankful for the exercise, but at the end I was ready for some food, and being a Wednesday night we always go to Nacho Mama's. I was of course craving something unhealthy, ready to undo all that exercise, but cheese dip and chips were sounding soo good! My friend ordered the sunburn house nachos and added shrimp to it, may I just say wow! He was kind enough to let me try them, they were kind of amazing, the mango habanero salsa just makes the flavor, and I now have a new favorite thing to order them! Nacho Mamas Burritos Incorporated on Urbanspoon       

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