Sunday, March 10, 2013

 So, I don't know how to say this but.. oh wait I do.. I WON MY FIRST CONTEST EVER!!! I am all smiles, it is the silliest smallest contest, but I'm excited because I won it. Your probably wondering what I won, thinking stop the suspense is killing me, we can't take anymore! Ok... fine.. no more suspense here it is,  there is a new restaurant in town called FarmHaus Burgers, and on their Facebook page they were doing a contest for best photo whens a free meal on them. Yep folks this girl won herself a free meal at the wonderful FarmHaus Burgers. Be jealous this place is amazing, run by the same people from Froghollow(another stellar restaurant). A bit more casual of a place with a more lively atmosphere with the same quality of food! Keep in mind it is a burger hot-dog place, but they also have veggies burgers, and some different salads. Oh, and shakes, did I mention they have shakes, well they have those and I hear they are the bomb diggity! So check it out! p.s. here is my winning photo :) Farmhaus Burger on Urbanspoon

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